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Standard Cornhole 24x48

Sniper Cornhole 14x48

Our Rustic Pallet Tables and Benches are built with strong wooden frames utilizing new 2"x 4" boards.  The Pallet Panels are utilized on the top for that rugged look and utility. The tables come in Square or Rectangular classifications.

Rustic Custom Tables with chairs and benches

New Table,  48"X144" Conference Table 


Black Walnut Slab Table 

choose your slab, and we build em!

I know this is not pallet woods, but custom is custom, it turned out BEAUTIFUL! We use Ecopoxy product to fill in the voids from damaged inside the slab.  it was great experience working on this slab

as picture shown,   2.5 thick x 25"x96"   40" high with custom pipe fittings for the base. 

depend on the wood species and size, contact us for quote

Farm Style Table 

We also build chairs and benches to match


as pic shown,  table 40"x84" and 30" high,   

 From $1,999.99 

Laser Etched Logos

I like the CNC router, but Laser Etching could do a beautiful wavy wood grains, which we loves to have em done by Salt Lake Laser Etching. 

Want your Logo on table, cornhole board or arts,  send the logo to matt@allaboutpallets.com 

Note: We have Collegiate License Corp for any NCAA, Vail Resorts license which include Park City Resort, also some of our local ski resorts, Snowbird, Brightons. 

(sorry, no professional sports yet)

48"x48" and 40" high bar table

also check out this bar we built in custom bar sections

Glued clamped the diagonal pallet woods

Painted North Calorinia Tarheels

Note: we carry Colleigate License Corp for any NCAA logo (sorry no pro sports yet.....)

32x32 University of utah bar table

32"x32" Bar Table with chairs. 


Custom Bar table. 32"x32" and 40" high, glued clamped patch style table top with painted University of Utah's Drum/Feather logo and high chairs. 

note: we carry Colleigate License Corp for all NCAA or any of your company logos, resturant logos, send your logo to matt@allaboutpallets.com  for quote on  painted or laser etched.  Epoxy Resins will be extra.  

Price: From $699 for table,  chairs from $199

24x24 bar table

bar top laser etch

24"x24" glued clamp patch style bar top and stools

Laser Etched Double U's University of Utah

Epoxy Resins over the table.

it sure look so glassy, much smoother than bowling lane! 

Do Not Attempt to bowling on this table! 

we love Elite Crete products for any surface, also check out our showroom floor!

Custom Quilting cutting Table and chairs

so much spaces for cutting board to put under the table when not used. 

my client is about 4'6" tall and most of the furniture store table are too high for her, so we design and create a fine masterpiece to fit her needs.  SHE LOVES IT!

As pic shown,  48"x84" table top about 29" high.   based on the size contact us for the quote.

Extended Queen Celtic Knot Table

TBL 0007

84" x 42".  The table has the same dimensions and options as the above displayed table on the Celtic Knot replaces the Circle Star Logo.

The Jack Table


57"x 43".  The Jack is our most unique table. It can sit approximately 10 people.  What makes this table so unique is that it utilizes a Picture Pallet for the outline of the table and leaves the brackets in place for strength and decoration.  The picture to the left is finished in the Burnt Natural and uses Cedar and Redwood Pallet Panels giving a beautiful natural appearance. The table is built on a 2x4 frame and is supported with 4x4 boards for legs.  It comes with four choices of finish; Rustic Black, Rustic Cherry, Dark Walnut and Burnt Natural. 

The table has three options which can be exercised at checkout. 

Option 1) Bench Options.  This table can have up to four benches, long benches 45", end benches 30".

Option 2) Logo Options.  This option has various stars, university logo's, celtic knot and trees available.  Custom Logos can also be ordered.

The 4 x 4 Table


This is our medium sized square table.  It will seat eight adults and is designed for use in small dining areas, game rooms and outdoor patios.  The 4x4 works well with small families in that it can be positioned in a corner and seat four easily and then moved out into additonal space where eight can sit comfortably.

The table is available in four different finishes,  bucket and plug options, Logo options and bench configurations

The 3 x 3 Table


This is our smallest table.  It will seat four adults and is designed for use in small dining areas, game rooms and outdoor patios.  The 3x3 works well with small families in that it can be positioned in a corner and seat two easily and then moved out into additonal space where four can sit comfortably.

The table is available in four different finishes,  bucket and plug options, Logo options and bench configurations.


Table Configurations and Options

Our Table Sets come in a variety of classifications, sizes, panel designs, finishes and logos.  Our classifications of the table sets are Square Table Sets and Rectangle Table Sets. The standard configurations are listed below with options following:

Standard Configurations:

Square Tables:

The 3x3 with Red Star, Dark Walnut 

The 3x3 (36" x 36"),  4x4 (48" x 48")  and 5x5 (54" x 54").

Rectangle Tables:


The Jack Table (43" x 54"), Queen Table (40" x 72"), Extended Queen (42" x 84"), King Table (40" x 96") and Goliath Table (42" x 120")

Custom Tables:

Custom Sizes of tables is always an option at All About Pallets, talk with us at Customer Service.


Standard Choices

In the Standard configuration are various choices for Panel Placement, Finish and Frame choices.

Panel Placement

For the Square Table sets the first choice is panel placement with either a straight panel placemement or a diagonal panel placement. 

Straight Panel Placement    Diagonal Panel Placement .  

The rectanguular table sets are all straight panel placement. 


For both Square and Rectangle Table Sets the finish comes in four different stains as illustrated below. 

Burnt Natural Dark Walnut Rustic Black  Rustic Cherry

The sets are then covered with two coats of ployurethane for outdoor and indoor use. 


The Frame choice is between Straight or Forklift Opening in the product. 

Straight Frame  Forklift Opening Frame

King and Queen size tables are all the straight frame configuration.




Logo Options 

Plain Star  Circle Star  Burnt Star

Custom Logos                                

Bucket Options

The Bucket Option is designed for easy access drinks, BBQ, Fish Fry and any other item the buckets can be utilized for.  Great for parties and family get togethers.  The Buckets are 10 Qt. size. 

Twin Buckets    Single Bucket   . 

Plug Options

When we first brought out the Bucket Option our Guy customers loved it, our Lady customers did not.  So with this as a huge concern we came up with a solution to the problem.  The Plug!!  The Plug covers the hole left by the bucket in the table.  We do this with twists under the table that when the bucket is in are placed in a closed postion and then when the bucket is taken out we move the twists to closed and place the Plug upon the twists.  The Plugs are made from the same wood used in the table and match the grains and Logo's on the tables.

Plug Mechanism  

Bench Options 

The Bench Option provides matching seating arrangements to the tables.  For the Square Tables all benches are the same length.  For the Rectangular Tables there are two matching Long Benches and two matching End Benches.  Benches can be ordered in various quantities depending on the needs of our customers.