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Standard Cornhole 24x48

Sniper Cornhole 14x48

Pallet Walls are becoming very popular with the rustic finish, raw aged pallet wood dents being placed on the wall.  Ideal for dining and family rooms, restaraunts and other popular areas.

Custom Pallet Walls

We are pleased to offer Custom Pallet Walls for beautifying homes, offices and restaurants 

Pallet Wall Roberts Horizontal

Custom color Pallet Wall 

note: to install yourself,  contact us and we will give you the quote on custom colors. 

This wall was installed to match the chandelier, table and chairs.  The Pallet Panels are installed Horizontally to match the flow of the room.

From $29 per square foot installed.

Rustic Pallet Wall


We tear the pallets apart, remove nails out, then put in thickness planner to get this wood to 1/4 to 3/8" thickness.  sanded it and painted it with our standard colors. 

Our standard pallet wood colors, Rustic White, Rustic Grey, Rustic America and the darkest part is Dark Walnut

note: to install yourself,  contact us and we will give you the quote 

from $29 per sqft for installed

Rustic America Pallet Wall


just a simple one color wall, we take pallets out and remove the nails then cutting em and put in planner to get em thin to 1/4"-3/8" thickness, sanded, stained and put finishig products.   

note: to install yourself,  contact us for quote 

from $29 per sqft for installed

Aged Pallet Wall (greyish)


Those pallet woods were being left outside for months before it turns to greyish, we carefully taken it apart and cutting them, and put em in thickness planner to make it 1/4" thick, it has beautiful textures. 

note: to install yourself, contact us for the quote.

from $29 per sqft for installed