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 Custom Rustic Furniture & Decor
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Standard Cornhole 24x48

Sniper Cornhole 14x48

Pallet Arts and Pallet/Metal Arts 

for the custom size and logo quotes.    matt@allaboutpallets.com 

World Map pallet/metal Arts

24" X 36"  $550.00             30" X 50"  $699.95   

30 x 50 rustic white world map

  Rustic White World Map  as picture shown  30"X50" 

Rustic White Frame and Dark Walnut 

as picture shown 24"X 36" 

                   rustic america world map

       Rustic America World Map as picture shown 24"x36"

rustic grey world map

Rustic Grey World Map  as picture shown 30" X 50" 

new modern rustic world map 

           rustic black world map

                       Black Framed with Rustic grey-Rust metal            White Framed with Rustic Black-brush metal 

                      SAVING TREES ONE PALLET AT A TIME 

keep recycle metals!

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Rustic America Flag 

22"x36"  $199             30"X50"   $299 

Framed  22" X 36"   $275       Framed 30" X 50"    $450 

we loves veterans, activity duty military, army, navy air forces,  police officers, firefighters, nurses and EMT  we give you 15% off for all flag 

Rustic America Flag  as picture shown 30"x50"

burnt edge Rustic America Flag

Burnt Edge Rustic America Flag 

Framed Rustic America Flag as pic shown 30"x50"

70" X 120" Rustic America Flag  $1,999


  Rustic America / Ireland Flag as pic 30X50 

Rustic Thin Blue Line  as pic shown 30X50 

coming soon Rustic Thin Red Line  

            texas lone star flag

       Rustic Texas Lone Star Flag  as pic 30X50 

Rustic America / Canada Flag  30x50 

Rustic Pallet/Metal Flags

FRAMED US BORDER FLAG  $550                       US BORDER FLAG $450


email matt@allaboutpallets.com for the quote

                   framed us border

             Framed Rustic US border Flag  as pic 30X50


               Rustic US border Flag 30X50 with steampunk


          Rustic Lineman US border Flag (burnt edge)


               Framed Rustic with Brush US border Flag

70" X 120" Rustic Flag with Lineman US border

with lighting system 


for custom Design on middle of US border email Matt@allaboutpallets.com 

from $2,999


16" X 50" Framed Various Colors and Background

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16X50 Sunset/Desert Art                                               16X50 Sunset/Forest Art    


After Sunset/Desert Arts

Framed Rustic Grey with Milkyway/ Mountain Teton & Trees




A closer view on Milky Way and Forest

Dark Walnut Frame/ Rustic White with milky way and forest metal

Rustic White Frame/Rustic Black with milky way and forest metal

16" X 50" Milky way and Forest  $399.99 


Rustic Grey with After Sunset and Forest pallet/metal Art

(coming soon, sunset/forest and the evening/forset art) 

 Personalize your last name

email to Matt@allaboutpallets.com for custom quote

park city

The Rustic Park City Resort Pallet/Metal Art (rust metal) 

Rustic America Park City Resort Pallet/Metal (brush metal)

16" X  50" Park City Resort pallet/metal art  $399.99

coming soon 12" X 36" pallet/metal arts for $299.99


we have the copyright License with Vail's products which includes

Vail - Park City - Beaver Creek - Breck - Keystone - Heavenly Lake Tahoe - Northstar california - Kirkwood


    16X50 Framed Rustic Keystone Resort             16X50 Framed Rustic Vail Resort


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ski resorts in showroom  Our Shop/Showroom with Rustic Pallet Wall

                   Framed Snowbird Resorts and Brightons Resort Pallet/Metal Arts

               16" X  50"      $399.95                 shop now                     24" X  24"      $250.00 

coming soon....  12" X 36" $299.95

Tree of Life 

24" X 36"    $99          30" X 50"    $199 

for Customized your Last Name on the left and the estiblaished year's date of your marriage or connections on right   $25 extra,  2-3 weeks for order to make.


     Rustic White Tree of Life       as pic shown 30" X 50" 


          Rustic Red Tree of Life     as pic shown 24" x 36"

     Rustic Grey Tree of Life      as pic shown  30" X 50"   


        Rustic Black Tree of Life    as pic shown 24" X 36"

           University Of Utah Pallet Arts and Pallet/Metal Arts 

     We have Collegiate License Corp. request your favorite NCAA logo send to matt@allaboutpallets.com                 

      Rustic Grey Painted Ute Feather

 24" X 24"     36" X 36"   48" X 48"

     $199            $299          $399 

             available with Rustic America color

      Framed Rustic Grey Pallet/Metal  

24" X 24"        36" X 36"      48" X 48" 

    $275                $399                $499 

                      also for single Block U's 

          Framed Laser Etched Ute UU's

    Rustic America (color) also avaible U's

24" X  24"       36" X  36"      48" X  48"

   $275                   $399                $499 

 Rustic Black and Red double U's

 24" X 24"    36" X 36"   48" X 48"

   $199              $299              $399  

                       also for Single U's

  Rustic Grey with Steam punk U's

24" X 24"    36" X 36"   48" X 48"

  $199               $299            $399 

                  also for Double U's

    Rustic Black, Painted Red U's

24" X 24"   36" X 36"    48" X 48" 

    $150            $250              $350 

        also  Red/black U,  Red/white U and Popart