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Decorative Blocks help set the tone of the season with environment enhancing colors, shapes and captions. 

Decorative Blocks

We are pleased to offer a selection of Decorative Blocks

Oh Holy Night Blocks


6 Blocks 4 Stating Holy and One small block stating Night and one medium sized block stating Oh.

Price: $30.00

Santa Baby


Five Blocks spelling out Santa and one underlying block stating BABY

Price: $30.00



These Blocks are 8" in Length 4" High and 1" Deep.  The color is a light green with the Jingle word in red and the All the way in white.  Circled with a white shear ribbon and tied with a bell in the middle.

Price: $10.00

Ho Ho Ho Blocks


HO HO HO Blocks 4 1/2"x3 1/2" Blocks come in sets of 3.  Three different color combinations.  Red White Blue,  Red Green White, Red White Gray.  

Price: $10.00

Pumpkin Blocks


Three Blocks to a bundle. 

Price: $10.00

Give Thanks Blocks


Give Thanks block group, 8" Long 4" High 1" Deep.

Price: $10.00