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Standard consoles being constructed.  The Panel Placement is different on each of these consoles.  The far Left is Diagonal Placement, the middle is Lengthwise Placement and the far right is Straight Placement.


We are pleased to offer a selection of Consoles.

Queen Console, TV Option, Full Wrap


The Queen Console ($475) is 72" in Length, 40" High and 26" Deep. 

This Queen Console is configured with the TV option which is the two shelf ($450) option with the middle shelf being located for placing entertainment components close to the Display or TV. 

This Queen has the Full Wrap option ($400) which places Pallet Panels along all three sides of the console and is shown in the Rustic Black finish.

Mid Size Console, 2 Shelf, Wrapped Legs


This Mid Size Console ($375) is configured with Two shelves ($300) and  Leg Wrap ($75) Options.  The Frame also shows the Pallet Jack Openings displayed on all three levels of the console.  Finished in Rustic Black with 5/8 Inch thick panels on the top.

One Shelf Console Legs Wrapped


This one shelf console is the standard console ($250) with the Top panels set at a Diagonal Placement, one Shelf ($175) and Wrapped Legs ($75).  The Frame Option is Straight and does not include the Pallet Jack Openings.

Standard One Shelf Console


This is the Standard Console ($250) with One Shelf ($175) with the Straight Panel Placement Option and the Natural Finish with Black Legs.

Standard Console


The Standard Console finished in Rustic Black.