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Standard Cornhole 24x48

Sniper Cornhole 14x48

Standard consoles being constructed.  The Panel Placement is different on each of these consoles.  The far Left is Diagonal Placement, the middle is Lengthwise Placement and the far right is Straight Placement.

Custom Built Consoles

contact us for custom quote 


          Brainstorming, Hand Drafting then Building the Masterpiece!

Custom Built in Tv Console 

Message Board in entrance room at IBEW Training Facility 

Mini BARNDOORS, along with drawers and Laser etched logos on the top. 380 sqft Rustic Pallet wall,   

  70"x120" US Lineman Flag 

Custom Mounted Tv Console 

in Marketing department at Sorenson's Communications  

Custom Mounted Tv Stand with mini barndoors and drawers, 2" pipe fittings were strong enough to hold the 75" TV! 

it was barely fit in their elevator, to go up on 3rd floor, it was FUN to be part of this Project. also check out the coffee table and their pallet/metal art we made. 

Our Orgininal TV Console 

yes, that when it all started back in 2012..... good memories! 

as years goes by, the more we learn..... the better we design and the better we build.   Amazing Experiences!

we built everything in one car's carport and used living room as painting room, then we got the shop!