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Standard Cornhole 24x48

Sniper Cornhole 14x48

newest products: Vail Resorts and more Pallet/Metal Arts

4'X12' Conference table 


 custom quotes for specefic size, email matt@allaboutpallets.com

New Landscape Arts and more,  Pallet/Metal Arts & Pallet Arts sections

16X50 Framed Rustic Grey with Milkyway/Mountain Teton Art

                        Check out new project, Uof U home bar at Custom Build                                           



Our Booth at Park Silly Sunday Market 


                      September 9 & 23                                              Saturdays                                          every weekend until Oct 21

                 Park City, Utah                                        Salt Lake City, Utah                                    Snowbird Resort, Utah 



              September 15-16                                               December 7-9                                      November 11-18 (wait list)

            Salt Lake City, Utah                                          Tuscan, Arizona                                          Scottsdale, Arizona  


IBEW Project

 70" x 120" Rustic America Flag with Lineman US Border.     

Custom Cabinet with Pallet Barndoors and drawers. 380 sqft of Pallet Walls