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Saving Trees - One Pallet at a Time

All About Pallets

Est 2013

When I grew up, my grandfather taught me alot about the real meaning of art. I was into residential drafting and building, I took drafting and arts in high school.  I went to college to major in Building Construction.  Ended up graduating with an Associates Degree and worked fulltime construction and planed ongoing back to college for Drafting to get Bachelors Degree or Masters.  We had children relatively early in life, which forced my hand working construction for years and years to support our family.

  It was difficult to work with construction companies.  When the job was completed, we had to look for new jobs if they couldn't find more projects to build.  The benefits were awful for our children and our needs. So I went to Dental Lab school for 9 months to get certified and worked in the lab for ten years as a Ceramicist.  Fortunately enough, it provided steady paychecks and excellent benefits.  I was laid off in Spring 2012.

  I decided to take a break and spend time with my family in the Summer before they go back to school.  When Summer was over, I was going to look for another Dental Lab position.  Meanwhile in Summer, I still had my construction tools.  My wifely showed me these tables that were made from pallets on Pinerest.  With that in mind, I built my first table.  My neighbors loved it! SOLD! So I built another one, SOLD! (it was great for beer money).  After all of the positive feedback and first sales, I took the idea and made it into the business.  That is when All About Pallets came into effect.

  We tried to sell pallet arts and furniture in Fall Bazaar.  The feedback we got from the folks there were inspiring.  We kept on making more and more progress.  Eventually, we started going to Farmers Markets and fell in love with what we do.  The product we were putting out was getting better and ideas for more product were flowing.  Always trying make the product better and more aesthetic for all to love. Traveling for Art Shows and markets were now a possibility and in full force. 

I still haven t gone back to work in the Dental Lab!!  



Matt Willahan

A Deaf Artist/Owner......

Excellent on hand experience



Spray paint artist

Sense of Humor


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